Pretorian Visual identity

Create a new and exciting identity for Pretorian Design, which shows of my ideas and values.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Oslo, Norway. Ever since I can remember I’ve been drawing, painting and creating stuff with my hands. Therefore, it became a natural choice for me to pursue a career within the design industry. When I’m not doodling something on a piece of paper well then, I’m most likely off on some sort of trip where the cell phone reception is non-existing. I love traveling the world meeting new and exciting people, cultures. And I think this is something that influences and inspires me to always find new and creative ways of solving problems.

I wanted to create a new identity that best describes me as a person and designer, but is still flexible and easy to use and recognize. I wanted to create something personal yet exciting, so I used my family’s surname “Pretorius”, and the history behind it to create my new identity.

The name Pretorian comes from the Latin word Peator, which means leader. It was used to describe people whom led processions or parades with a group of people. Later on, the word was used in correlation with the roman emperors’ elite guards, the Praetorians. These where multi skilled warriors used as a kind of an all-purpose soldier, ready to take on any challenge in the service of the empire.

In the same way the Praetorians needed to be equipped for any challenge, the modern day designer needs to be multi-disciplinary and ready to take on any challenge to stay up to date with the ever growing and changing landscape of the design world.

The finished design is a simple, yet strong visual identity that perfectly complements my values and style. It is a window into who I am as a person and designer, and hopefully gives clients a sense of who I am.



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